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Alpha Natural Horsemanship

‘Ask with lightness, encourage without forcing, correct with softness’

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Raised on a farm with a lifelong love and relationship with horses 

 Today I use a combination of Natural Horsemanship/Traditional Methods & Techniques

John began riding and training horses at an early age. Like many of you when kick to go and pull to stop was the rule of the day.  Over the years I have studied many different philosophies, horseman and through proven experience I have come to my own understanding of the equine. John has aligned with the concepts of Bill & Tom Dorrence and the methodologies implemented by Ray Hunt.  Now some 35+ years later with proven experience and knowledge working with people and horses. I use the brand name Natural Horsemanship to describe my philosophy of working with horses based on the horse’s natural instincts and methods of communication, with the understanding that horses do not learn through fear or pain.  “I simply do not use fear or pain to motivate the animal, nor do I attempt to force the animal into submission.  My methods and techniques do not include gimmicks, gadgets or games it is simply establishing solid foundations of ground and mounted training using calm, fair and assertive training methods.  Natural Horsemanship techniques may vary in their precise doctrine but generally share principles of developing a rapport with horses, using communication techniques based on the horse’s personality/body language and rejecting abusive training methods.

At the heart of my belief system is genuine concern for horses that has inspired my own personal crusade, one aimed at educating people about the horse’s perspective and ways handlers can better relate to and communicate with their horses.  I strive to help people achieve their dreams of a better relationship with their horse. provide good sound teaching for not only the horse but also the owner, running clinics, train the owner program and lessons for all ages.  I believe in good sound teachings with an attitude of establishing a partnership through leadership.  Without a leader to make the horse feel safe, willing and calm, it is difficult for them to be in a learning state of mind, and want to please us as their handlers.

John sees a lot of people who are at a developmental stage in building a solid foundation with the best intentions in the world! They love their horse unconditionally but sometimes lack the knowledge, confidence and experience to educate it. They have a goal but are simply stuck as to where the horse is, what to do next and just need a helping hand to continue and move on to the next step! The handler/rider requires knowledge, time commitment, compassion, understanding, dedication and working in harmony with the horse. Although owner/riders mean well often they try to teach the horse intermediate or advanced drills/exercises and they have not covered the basics. The chances of being successful under those circumstances are extremely remote, frustrating to the owner and very confusing to the horse. Horses can start out their life as complaint but because of not being properly handled, trained and/or ridden they become stressed which usually results in behavior issues.  The training process closes the gap between learning and understanding, is simply and logical to the owner and the horse.  During the process the horse is not broke it is trained, establishing confidence, trust and leadership.  It prepares the horse and rider Emotionally, Mentally and Physically to be partners!


Not only does John believe in building solid Foundation of Ground and Mounted Training; but strives to empower you as the owner to continue the training. He encourages participation of the owner in the training sessions, in watching him work, in answering questions.  A true partnership between the horse built on two way communication, mutual respect, trust and leadership!


Kindly contact John today to simply discuss your concerns, needs or to schedule an appointment!



403 251 7296