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Alpha Natural Horsemanship

‘Ask with lightness, encourage without forcing, correct with softness’
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Hosting a Clinic/Workshop
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Hosting a Clinic or Workshop


It is easy to host one of John’s at your location! What is required is a comfortable facility that will accommodate a minimum of 6 pairs of horses and humans. A maximum number of participants is basically decided by the host and the capacity of the hosting facility.  Topics covered can be requested by the host or hosting facility depending on the needs and desires of their clientele. Read Examples of clinic formats/types Clinic Formats


Most clinics are a flat fee for a clinic, plus travel expenses, meals, and lodging.  The host can charge as they see fit, as there will be extra expenses such as snack, coffee or other special things. Also the host is permitted one horse/rider combo at no charge.     


Hands on with a Limited Number of horse/rider combinations

The hands on clinics are limited to 6 to 8 horse/rider combos and unlimited spectators.  Depending on location; Clinics can be 1/2, 1, 2 or  expanded to 3 – 4 days. These extra days can be used for individual or group session to allow more riding time.

Training Manual

We have a training manual for the 2 or more day clinics and we recommend reading the manual prior to the weekend.  We encourage you to find time to read the manual as we believe our time together will be much more profitable and successful for YOU.  Questions from the manual can then be answered on the weekend.  These can be purchased as a PDF file or I will mail the host copies.  We will supply a poster, help with advertising information for you to use as well as the registration form     


Indoor or outdoor, however with an indoor arena we don't have to be concerned with weather!  A 50 or 60 foot round pen would be very useful.

Attendee Equipment
Rope training halter, riding helmet, tack, proper foot ware, gloves, 12 foot lead also 25 if available, training stick with string and lunging whip

Private Sessions

John will be available for pre-scheduled private, semi-private, or group scheduled outside of class times at the clinics. If you are interested in a time at one of the clinics, please contact us regarding time, rates, and space availability. This is an invaluable time to get undivided instruction for you and your horse.


We hope this information may help and inspire you to want to host a Alpha Natural Horsemanship clinic in your home area. If you would like any additional information, clarification or you have specific questions about fees or programs, please contact John at 403 251 7296 or for available dates and current prices on clinics.