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Alpha Natural Horsemanship

‘Ask with lightness, encourage without forcing, correct with softness’
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Liability Release and Waiver

Alpha Natural Horsemanship




1.    The information and Natural Horsemanship Methods you received during the Confidence Client is provided under the following terms and conditions. By making use of Training Methods or any of the information that it contains, you hereby agree to the following:


a.    You agree to release everyone involved with this clinic from all claims of and liability for, damage, death, injury or loss related in any way to Alpha Natural Horsemanship (hereafter called ANH).

b.    You agree to indemnify fully ANH from all claims of, and liability for, damage, death, injury or loss to others with whom you share ANH information.

c.    You agree to assume the risk of your own horse activities.


2.    You understand that horse riding, training and handling is a high-risk sport and endeavour, and you are participating and/or allowing trainer instructional participation at your own risk and/or trainer's own risk.


3.    You, HEREBY RELEASE John Forgeron, his family and heirs, from all claims, demands, action or cause of action of any kind or nature whatsoever, whether now known or ascertained, or which may hereafter develop or accrue you in favor of yourself, representatives or dependents, on account of or by reason of any injury, loss, or damage, which may be suffered by you or them, or to any horse or property, animate or inanimate, belonging to you or used by you, because of any matter, thing or condition, negligence or default whatsoever and you hereby assume and accept full risk of danger or any hurt, injury or damage which may occur through or by any reason or any matter, thing, or condition, by any person whatsoever.






a.    Participant _______________________________________ Date ____________   



b.    Participant is a minor:



Parent or Guardian ___________________________________  Date ____________