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Halter Sizes and How to M

Alpha Natural Horsemanship

Rope halter sizing chart & custom measurements

A great custom fitted rope halter is essential for effective communication with your horse! Not only will proper Rope Halter fit aid in the safety and function of your rope halter, it will also look best when properly fitted for your horse. We offer "standard" sizes as well as custom sizing for your Rope Halters. This includes not only our training rope halters but our fancy rope halters with trim as well. 

The size chart below will help you determine the best fit for your equine partner.

Custom Fitting Sizing Instructions:

Although a lot of horses are easily able to fit into one of my standard sizes in the above chart. A lot of horses do not fall into any of these categories or if you want a better custom fit, you can email me the measurements below for a better custom fit:


Noseband Measurement                                             Poll Length

Instructions how to measure your horse:

Ø  For the noseband measurement, start underneath one cheekbone, and measure all the way around the nose back to the same cheekbone.

Ø  For the pole measurement, start at the very edge of one cheekbone and measure across the pole to the bottom edge of the other cheekbone.

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