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Alpha Natural Horsemanship

‘Ask with lightness, encourage without forcing, correct with softness’
Halter Sizes and How to M

Professional choice rope Training Halters  

 [please read Halter Sizes Halter Sizes and How to Measure and How to Measure before ordering]

Designed by professionals, this Custom Made from premium 3/16” stiff CB Knot brand polyester ropes. features two or four strategically placed knots that trigger pressure points on the horse’s nose.  Available with traditional 2 knots or the additional 2 knots across that nose.   Diameters of 3/16 inch are most often used because the smaller diameter is the most effective for rope training halters.  This is a stiff rope which holds its form.  Once you try this halter you'll see why we are so particular about the "feel" and "energy" it provides. With a stiffer feel and strategic knots, this specially designed rope halter will help make your cues clearer and teach your horse to give to pressure by making it uncomfortable to resist. Halters available in the following sizes: foal, weanling, yearling, small, average, large and draft.   These halters will really get a horses attention! If you're working with a spoiled or willful horse who likes to lead you instead of vice versa- give this halter a try, your days of tugging are over!  With little stretch and a polyester fiber cover that resists uv and abrasion, this halter has a long life.  The Clinician Rope Halter is ideal for all groundwork and riding bitless.  The stiffer rope increases effectiveness and safety during training:


  • Holds up well in adverse weather conditions with great abrasion resistant properties.
  • Stiff rope makes it easy for halter to hold its form
  • Is extremely helpful with more reactive to horses.
  • Used by many famous trainers throughout the world.
  • Strong rope with little stretch.
  • Halter with additional knots on the nose for added pressure.
  • Custom made to the owners/ trainers specifications
 Custom Assembled for all sizes and breeds based on your measurements 


Bitless Side Pull

with rings attaches to a headstall

requires chin strap & reins

Regular Price $39.83
Sale Price $23.83

Training Halter 2 or 4 Knots

Regular Price $41.83
Sale Price $29.93

Halter Side Pull Combo

with rings for reins

Regular Price $41.83
Sale Price $29.93














Halter Side Pull Combo

rings for reins &  a bit

Regular Price $45.74

Sale Price $31.87


Halter Side Pull Combo Adjustable

12 foot lead & 9 foot reins

Regular Price $83.55
Sale Price $62.66


Bitless Side Pull

with rings attaches to a headstall

requires chin strap & reins

Regular Price $48.74
Member Price $29.83