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Alpha Natural Horsemanship

‘Ask with lightness, encourage without forcing, correct with softness’
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John focuses on the well-being of the horse-using a style of handling horses where you “work with the natural instincts each horse is born with rather than against them.  His number one goal is to educate his clients/audience so that they can go home with the tools they have learned and get the results that they want from their own horse.  Interested in hosting a Clinic at your own facility? Select from many clinic topics or work with John to create a custom clinic perfect for your own clients! John travels nationwide and hosted clinics are very reasonably priced. Call for information: 403 251 7296.


Clinic Testimonial:
In July 2016 we attended “The Essentials NH Clinic by John” hosted by Lynn B. at her place. We had a great time! John was excellent! He worked with each Individual and their horse at there own level.  He identified problems and gave us the tools that we could use based on your own abilities. The farm is beautiful and we couldn't have had a more gracious host. We met some very interesting new people; some involved with the rescue and spent time with old friends. Over all it was an excellent experience! I would like to thank Lynn and John for setting up the event. I am looking forward to the intermediate Clinic that will be held at Lynn’s farm in July 2017 and I understand it is already full. If anyone can get the chance to spend some time or attend a Alpha Natural Horsemanship we feel sure you will come away from it a better horseman.  Shannon and Mike A., AB

Horse Training Testimonial:
Almost one year ago today, we saw Dolly for the first time. We could tell in a short amount of time she was friendly, curious and a bit on the lazy side. But because we were purchasing the horse for our 13 year old daughter, Amanda, we were willing to look past the laziness. As we got to know Dolly better, her lazy and unruly behavior was a problem. She wasn’t responsive to Amanda’s commands and trail riding was frustrating when she refused to cross water, move faster than a walk, unless she was headed back to the barn and worse yet, she actually reared. We knew we had to do something.  Having just moved to the area, we began looking for someone to help us through Dolly’s difficulties. We were recommended by a friend to give John a call.  John worked with Amanda and I re-educating Dolly; John made weekly visits to see Amanda & Dolly. We barely recognized our horse after a few weeks. Dolly was lowering her head for Amanda to put on her bridal and for the first time she was respectful of Amanda’s space and moving backward quite well. Her ground manners had definitely improved. By the following visit we had Dolly under saddle. Amanda, with John’s direction, was able to move Dolly from a walk to a trot, and then something we had never seen her do--a complete gallop and she was able to hold her pace for a period of time. WOW!  By the end of the 30 days, Dolly was picking up on leg cues, side passing and doing very well responding to Amanda’s every command. In 30 days we saw great improvement and as a result, Dolly has been enjoyable to ride and we couldn’t imagine our life without her. John was wonderful in helping us understand and know how to continue Dolly’s training so that we could keep the results. We would definitely recommend John’s training program. Angie H, AB

Clinic Testimonial:

The Alpha Natural Horsemanship clinic conducted by John and hosted by Mary Lou on her farm was my most memorable clinic ever it was about teaching about establishing a solid foundation of ground training and  transferring it into the saddle.  It was a three day hands on clinic with 10 riders, I don’t know the price as our club subsidized the clinic. The thing I liked most was that horsemanship was first priority, John has no problem calling you out if your horse wasn’t understanding you and stopping the clinic to correct it. Not only did you fix your communication in real time but everyone else sees the correction and can learn from it. The little breaks help absorb information. I was having a specific issue with my horse that was stopping me from enjoying and moving forward with the clinic so just before we broke for lunch John took me aside with a few others that he needed for props and we worked through it… an entirely different mini clinic before lunch… I am sure the others learned from it too and it helped me enjoy the rest of the day. It also taught everyone that sometimes you have to take a detour to get where you want to be. Going too fast and focusing only on the end goal of the clinic takes away from the real reason we’re all there unless you’re already going pro and are pushing for better in a specialized area.  Suzanne D., AB

Horse Training Testimonial:
I bought Blaze, my ‘dream horse’ as a yearling. At that time I had 14 years of experience riding all kinds of horses and had owned several different breeds. I primarily ride English and enjoy dressage and trail riding. My riding has slowed down with 2 small children but I did some ground work with Blaze when I had time. Now 3 years later it was time for Blaze to go under saddle, but due to a previous bad fall on another horse, we decided a trained professional should start him. I found John on the Internet and contacted him. John is a mobile trainer and he came out and did an assessment and I was very impressed! His program is black and white for the horse and for the human. I really liked how he emphasized safety and it didn’t seem to matter what level rider you were, your horse still had to behave appropriately.Throughout Blazes’ training, John kept me informed of his progress. I participate in the training whenever I could. The first time I saw John lope him under saddle, I almost cried! Then he exhaled and they did a perfect stop. A few day later, I was encouraged to ride Blaze. John did an amazing job. Blazes really matured during his training, he is responsive about cues but calm about new things. It was worth every penny! I highly recommend John for starting young horses, as well as retraining problem ones.. Paige M., AB