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Alpha Natural Horsemanship

‘Ask with lightness, encourage without forcing, correct with softness’
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John travels to the owner's location; he combines over 30 years of proven experience with modern day natural horsemanship techniques using western and dressage exercises.  Dedicated to improving the horse human relationship through the sharing age old and modern methods.  Horsemanship should not be tedious or mind numbing for horse and handler, but used instead to develop lightness and awareness between the two!  The whole concept of my program is to train horses and educate people in such a way that the people are able to handle and safely ride their horses.  Understanding the communication flowing between them is the standard education.  A method of communication that is safe, simple and logical for both.  The premise of my training program is that it must be as natural as possible and easy to understand by both the human and the horse.  It’s important for riders and handlers to fully understand what cycle work is, how it affects the horse and how you can use energy to your advantage in training.  Horses are creatures with Great Spirit, each with their own energetic patterns. We often misunderstand them or do not give them enough credit for their sensitivity and ability to adapt and change for us. By understanding this and learning how to read behaviour patterns, you can tap into a whole new world of closeness and bonding with your large friend and a partnership you never thought possible.  You’ll quickly be aware that how to view horses from the inside and less from the outside.

  • Horsemanship Ground and Mounted Foundations - Essentials, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Refreshers, Miles, Wet Blankets and Concentrated Training 
  • Train-the- Owner/Trainer Program
  • Starting, Re education or Rehabilitation
  • Clinics, Workshops 
  • Evaluations & Assessments

Training Options Available
Specializing in Educating People and Training Horses; working with all breeds and disciplines.  I work quietly and treat horses with great respect, but I also train and work with clients to build their confidence and to take their horses to the next level, whether that’s a safer trail horse or a softer competitive partner.  I offer several training options; I train the horse myself or I demo, coach and we train together. Please know that I am also open too other option[s] mutually agreed upon!  John offers several training options to:

  • Option 1 - I do all the training with minimum participation by the owner
  • Option 2 - I do  the training once a week, the owner and I do it together once and the owner does it once a week
  • Option 3 - I do the training once a week with the owner and the owner does it twice a week
  • Option 4 - Not limited to the above options; I am open to the owners preference that works for both of us!

Training the Equine

I have limited training slots available. Folks who want more than just a ride able horse but a well educated horse are my first priorities. My training begins with an evaluation. I will know what your goals are and where we'd like to be in 60 or 90 days. To get there, we need to know the horse is now, from a knowledge, train ability and behavioral pattern perspective. This includes assessing the horse's inherited disposition and his learned attitude. How well a horse learns depends all these attributes. At least 85% of the time, the diagnostics will show me where we will be 60 days of training, and I'll know what it will take to get there. The other 15% of the time it may take me two or three sessions to figure out what all is going on in the horse's mind. These are generally horses that have passed through various owners with extreme opposing training perspectives.  It is reasonable for some owners to want an assessment before committing to the training.  


I encourage prospective clients to book an appointment before training begins for an evaluation to determine if your expectations are attainable