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Alpha Natural Horsemanship

"Patience, Understanding, Confidence and Knowledge goes a long way"

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They Can because they think they Can!  Do you have a problem horse or training Issues? If you do & need help you have come to the right place!

Is it horse behavior, training or handling problems? Any and all can be scary, frustrating, or even dangerous!. John as the experience to help you and your horse solve a wide variety of behavior or training problems – in ways that are safe, proven, and effective.


Once a horse as a good foundation of Ground Training and is prepare Mentally, Physically & Emotionally - “A truly trained horse needs three things: long rides, wet saddle blankets, logical step by step concentrated training and you have to have equal doses of all three.”  

The part about having all three in roughly equal measures is what many people miss. A lot of ranch horses get long rides–from sunup to sundown, even–but they’re stiff as a board in their face and body. Plenty of show horses are soft and supple from all the concentrated training they get, but try taking one out on the trail… he’s likely to spook at everything.  Racehorses always come back with wet saddle blankets, but try to do something with them besides gallop, and you’ll see straight away what’s missing in their training. So, it takes all three parts of the training regimen, each with the proper emphasis, in order for the formula to work best.  


What you will learn in horsemanship coaching; “Lessons, Workshops & Clinics” are much more involved than posture, cues & aids!


With me demos, explanations & coaching; you will learn how to read the horse’s subtle body language. You will learn both the art of how to train horses. You will become a more knowledgeable and skilled horsemanship person recognized as the leader by your horse! 



Do you have Control of your horse’s Body Parts?

 On the ground and in the Saddle?

Want to? Learn Body Control!

Body Control is the art of developing independent control over each segment of the horse's body - his chin, neck, shoulders, ribs, and haunches are all separate entities that must learn to work individually or in unison as our riding commands.  Focusing on the displacement, flexibility and control of these separate entities is the mainstay of creating a horse that is willing, soft, supple and capable of moving his body any direction at any time, which in turn will help him to excel in any discipline.  Having control of the horse’s five body parts is more than a big deal it is everything. If you can control the five body parts, then you can pretty much teach your horse anything; avoid, prevent and fix behaviour issues!.

 Lightness is the Foundation of Willingness, the hallmark of collection…..Bill Dorrence!

“When we ask a horse to do something and he fails to do it; that is because he was not trained to do it”.  “When we ask a horse to do something properly and he fails to do it; that is because he was not trained properly and/or the rider was not trained properly”.



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Welcome to our website!  We are Mobile NH Trainers who travel to your location; offering a variety of training options, from riding lessons to complete horse training from start to finish. The foundation of my philosophy rests on Natural Horsemanship methods of softness, calmness & willing responses. 

We educate people understand horses and horses understand people.  We are your go to guys for seemingly unreachable horses and their disillusioned owners.  “I did not decide to work with trouble horses; I was just fascinated by it”.  There is ‘No salesmanship just Horsemanship’; just a lot of plain talk, lots of repetition and even more patience until the jobs are done. It's a simple thing, but it works. Time and time again.

What is Natural Horsemanship/womanship

It is a training method that is based on taking the time to understand the way a horse communicates and relates to the world. Understanding the natural psychology and instincts of these incredible creatures allows us to communicate with them effectively in a language the horse understands.

By learning how to communicate with a horse we can become fair and trustworthy leaders. To the horse, who is a prey animal, we are predators and it’s our job to learn how to act like a partner. The result is a strong bond and partnership in addition to having the tools for both horse and rider to work through challenging circumstances.  NH is not about whispering to horses… it’s about listening to and learning from them.

There are many incredible horsemen and women that have laid the foundation of the ways and methods of natural horsemanship/womanship, each with something unique to offer.  The ones that have influenced me the most are; Bill & Tom Dorrence, Ray Hunt, Julie Goodnight and Buck Brannaman.  Gentle training methods have always had to compete with harsher methods, which often appear to obtain faster, but less predictable results!


Everyday the horse wants to know who the leader is.  He might not want to know we are the leader, but once he accepts it, he is generally okay with it but ‘he will want to know again tomorrow’.  All horse owners and riders - regardless of whether they're competitive riders in English or Western disciplines, backyard horse owners, or experienced trail riders - have on thing common: They need a dependable, well-trained horse NOT A BROKE HORSE under the saddle.

The Natural Horsemanship approach results in a horse that is light, responsive, follows the humans feel, a controlled, well-balanced foundation on the ground that applies to any style of riding, any competitive application, and any breed!

Please contact John with; location, issues or training your horse requires and please include you phone number. Also we can discuss an affordable reasonable rate...