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Alpha Natural Horsemanship

"Patience, Understanding, Confidence and Knowledge goes a long way"

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Do you have a problem horse or training issues?  If you do and need help you have come to the right place!  Is it horse behaviour, training, handling or riding problems?  Any and all can be concerning, frustrating or even dangerous!  John as proven experience to help you and your horse solve a wide variety of issues from the ground to riding; using processes that are safe, proven and effective!





We train or offer several options for Owners who prefer to train their horses.   During the training program the horse and owner will learn the essentials, intermediate and advanced levels of Foundations of Ground and Mounted Training.  We specialize in starting young horses, bomb proofing trail riding companions and retraining horses that need a new start in their career.  All begin their training in the safety of the round pen. Each horse experiences an individualized training program according to his ability, enabling the horse to enjoy his work and develop a cooperative partnership with riders and handlers.



What you will learn in horsemanship; “Riding Lessons, Workshops & Clinics” is much more involved than showmanship, salesman, posture and cues.  With my demos, explanations & coaching; you will learn how to read the horse’s subtle body language. You will learn both the art of how to work with your horse and how to ride it.  You will become a more knowledgeable and skilled horsemanship person recognized as the leader by your horse!

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Gift Certificates available contact us for more info!